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Playing Pool Is Fun
Playing pool outside is fantastic! Take a liberal shot of sunshine, a sprinkling of stars, add an ocean view, and you’ve broken the code for unparalleled pleasure. Your family will love it, and you’ll probably notice a sudden increase in your circle of friends. See the Gameroom Concepts outdoor pool tables at Sequoia Spas in Tucson, Arizona.

Outdoor Pool Table

Startup Accessories: Every outdoor pool table arrives fully equipped. Along with the table, you get: Balls, Outdoor cue sticks, Cue rack, Brush, Triangle, Chalk, Table cover.

Feature for Feature, Our All-Weather Outdoor Pool Tables Excel
Our smooth, contemporary designs complement any setting, indoors or outdoors, and are built to perform well in any environment. And we do mean ANY. Foul weather for months on end? Leave your pool table outside to showcase your snowball collection, or bring it inside for cozy, fireside fun.

The aluminum frame has a powder-coated, textured finish that is durable, rust-resistant, and long lasting—just how long it will last has yet to be discovered. It’s only been 15 years, and so far it’s looking great!

The unibody construction is a patented welding process that fuses seams to create a strong, smooth, durable frame.

The playing bed is 1-and-1/4-inches thick for both the slate and resin-composite beds; both are treated with epoxy to resist moisture absorption. Whether of slate or resin, our one-piece bed presents a no-seams surface that will not shift (so you can’t blame your bad shot on the table).

The fabric is called Sunbrella. It’s an awesomely tough acrylic fabric that was custom-made for us to live for years outdoors. It resists water, mildew, staining, rotting, fading (it’s 100% color true), and tearing. Cleans easily

Fabric colors to choose from are: Teal, Burgundy, Pacific Blue, Forest Green, and Camel.

Body colors are White or Wheat.

The rails are of K-66 tournament-grade rubber you can count on to deliver responsive, accurate rebounds for years to come. Covered in matching Sunbrella fabric.

The pockets are molded of long lasting, commercial-grade vinyl.

The legs can be adjusted in minutes, using the built-in, stainless steel levelers. PVC-padded caps protect deck surfaces.

The hardware is stainless steel, which offers years of shining service without bowing to rust or corrosion.

The specs are approved by BCA (Billiards Congress of America), for both our standard 8-foot table (56” X 100”), and our 7-foot table (50” X 90”).

Warranty: We stand confidently behind our products. Our all-weather outdoor pool tables come with a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wheelchair accessible? Yes

Outdoor Pool Table 1000 Series
1000 Series
Our all-weather aluminum 1000 Series pool table weighs in at a modest 400 pounds, but it’s tough as nails. It’s also our easiest model to ship and install. It arrives in a single box, and can be assembled in minutes with a little help from your friends. Simply attach the two pedestal legs to the body and level it up with the build-in levelers.

This is the ultimate starter table, and has all the kid- and weather-resistant qualities you need. It’s a great choice for church groups and gathering places, and may be just what you need for a wooden or second-story deck—or any area—that may be weight sensitive.

Unique unibody construction creates a seamless, one-piece body that is strong and easy to take care of. The playing bed is 1-and-1/4 inches of weather-resistant, high-density composition resin. Bed and rails are covered in the Sunbrella fabric of your choice.

Outdoor Pool Table 200 Series
2000 Series
Sold on slate? Our all-weather slate-bed outdoor pool table lets you perform at your professional best—day in and day out. The playing bed is a single piece of slate, which is backed for additional strength and to allow the cloth to be properly stretched and secured whereas a 3-piece slate table has 2 seams running across the playing field which can move or jump from vibration movement.

The 2000 Series has our patented unibody, all-aluminum frame construction. Horizontal stretcher panels join the leg assemblies, and act to stabilize and strengthen the table. Bed and rails are covered in our sturdy Sunbrella fabric.

Like change? Use your pool table for family dining, a party—or table tennis—by the pool! Just add an optional conversion top for extra family fun.

Weighs just under 800 pounds. Shipped in one box and one wooden crate. Professional installation is recommended, which we can pre-arrange for you.


Outdoor Pool Table 300 Series
3000 Series
With rounded legs and corners, our 3000 series tables present the cleanest contemporary lines in the industry. Combine the designer good looks with a slate playing bed, and you have our ultimate all-weather outdoor pool table. The slate bed is seamless to maintain a level footing, and the table’s smooth lines invite family dining, a party—or table tennis—by the pool! Just add an optional conversion top for extra family fun.

This is the strongest, most durable table in the outdoor billiards game, with its aluminum unibody construction and the stretcher-panel joined leg assemblies. Bed and rails are covered in long-lasting Sunbrella fabric. Suitable for both inside and outside setups.

Weighs just under 800 pounds. Professional installation is recommended, which we can pre-arrange for you.

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